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About us

FSI Capital is a full service micro finance company that was founded in 2001. Our specialization is solely in the provision of structured financing to individuals and companies alike.

Over the last 15 years we have grown in recognition as a dynamic customer-focused organization with a reputation for highly targeted service.

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Cheque Discounting

Have you ever received an urgent payment in the form of a cheque and you needed cash fast? This product was build specifically for moments like those.

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We offer both secured and unsecured loans. Our unsecured loan is a product offered exclusively to employees of corporate organizations.

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Unsecured Bids & Performance Bonds

At FSI Capital we issue our clients unsecured, cash-free bid bond from reputable financial institutions. We also issue performance bonds, we place..

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Cash for Shares.

This is a product specifically designed for clients that need instant cash upon sale of their NSE listed company shares. This product was build with..

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